ABA Membership – Right for You?


The Arizona Business Alliance was founded in 1974. From the start ABA’s unique focus was to attract professionals, business owners and senior managers who were interested in networking with like-minded individuals to promote their business or profession through the mutual exchange of sales leads. In addition ABA was uniquely designed to create an environment where members who be informal mentors and consultants to each other through the development of lasting personal relationships.  ABA is category exclusive meaning each member has the exclusive right to market goods and services corresponding with its classification.


ABA meets each Wednesday for breakfast at the University Club (39 E. Monte Vista Rd.), at 7:00 am. The meeting includes a short social and business meeting, a presentation by a member and a leads session where leads are exchanged. Meetings conclude at 8:30 am.

Members are encouraged, but not required, to hold an “open house” at their place of business or another site after work hours on the same day they speak to the group. Open houses are a more casual setting where members can socialize about business and bring friends, business associates and family to expand the ABA network.

Social Events

ABA holds a minimum of two social events annually.  These events are selected by the membership and have included cookouts, formal dances, lake cruises, trips to Arizona wine country and the like.  Social events are optional but help to build the comradery of the members and their families and friends.


ABA tracks leads given and leads received in order to provide members with feedback about the group. There is no quota of leads or referrals, but members are expected to provide other members with the opportunity to compete for their business and to provide referrals when possible.  In a recent year, members reported well over $1 million in business as a direct result of their involvement in ABA.

Find out if ABA is Right for You

If you would like to learn more about membership in ABA, we invite you to be our guest at a meeting.  ABA meets at the University Club, 39 E. Monte Vista Rd., in Phoenix at 7am most every Wednesday. For more information and to confirm your organization’s classification is available, please contact our office at (602) 331-7249 or [email protected]